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Manoj Joshi and Wellness By All Means

Manoj Joshi is the CEO and Founder of a Holistic Healing Center called
Wellness By All Means located at 5500 Stewart Ave. Suite #200.in Fremont, California, a key city in the Silicon Valley..

Manoj is a Learning and Development Consultant, Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, and a Master of Yoga and Guided Meditation. He loves nothing more than pursuing his passion of serving people in search of healing happiness and Holistic Living.
Manoj  is Helping Clients Through Counseling & Consulting 
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What Can This Program Do For Me, You Ask? - 
It's All About YOU! We Are Making You Aware Of Some Facts,
And Training You To Improve Your Life and Your Health.

Manoj's Yoga Nidra Meditations and Guided Meditation, and his Courses can literally help you REPROGRAM YOUR MIND!
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About Our Consulting & Programs:
FACT #1: Your Life is Directed by
Your Habits and Your Outlook.

We Teach How You Can Reprogram You Mind.

CONSIDER THIS: All adults are slaves to our habits. We are either the victims of our Bad Habits, or the beneficiaries of our Good Habits.
Bad Habits generally cause us harm in multiple ways. They are largely responsible for negative life issues such as lack of exercise, bad posture, procrastination, poor decision making, poor diets, leading to lack of nutrition, inability to concentrate, being overweight or underweight, and even pre-mature death.
Good Habits generally pave the way to success in our lives and the fulfillment of our desires and dreams. One of the most important accomplishments a person can do is to create good habits and become their slaves. Habits are some of the most powerful influences in our lives. It is hard to break a habit. They have a strong hold on how we think and how we act or react to everything that occurs in our daily lives.
Our experiences and our thoughts about those experiences shape our reality. Most people think they have a good idea about what they want, but they don't know exactly how to achieve the ideas they think about. So they drift through dealing with life's circumstances and situations, until when they look back on their life, this unintentional drifting has become their reality. In fact, most people don't know how to truly relax and focus on what is most important to the well being of their mind and their body. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE.
Think about this: Why Are You Here? The majority of people go through their whole life without realizing their real purpose because the answers to this are hidden deep within their "Inner Reality". They are stuck in the Physical Reality where the world tells you SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE THIS: "Grow up, get a good job, work hard, procreate and raise a family, and retire in 40 years or so. Can this possibly be all there is to life?
I'm here to tell you now, YES, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! We have found that there is something more than the basic treadmill of life. But each person has to find it for themselves, or be guided to it by someone who knows how. Manoj knows how, and he will teach you how... By using  Ancient Secrets, He Can Literally Help You
Learn Secrets of Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation & other Self-Healing Habits That Work!
FACT #2: Do you See Problems or Opportunities in Your Life?

"Self-Management & Healing" and "Empower" are Success Education Courses that study:
"WHY" Leaders Get to the Top, 
and "HOW" They Stay There!
Most Importantly, we teach 
How You can Develop That Same Mindset.

Examine Yourself. Are you advancing toward something you really want to accomplish in life or are you letting obstacles slow you down until you are just going with the flow and getting by? No matter what you do, obstacles will always come up and create problems. But how do you deal with and resolve problems?
With our coaching, every problem can be turned into an opportunity. Every problem we face causes stress and often anxiety. How much stress depends on each individuals mindset. Did you ever wonder how some people can have multiple problems and obstacles going on, and they seem to just flow through it with relative ease? While another person is completely frustrated because one thing didn't go their way. The difference is in their mindset.
We will teach you step by step how to blend the sacred principles and values of ancient philosophy with the science of well being and modern management. When you learn how to step back from your problems, relax and calm yourself by learning to call on the body's natural energy reserves and engage your untapped brain power, you'll be amazed at how clearly you can find new resolves to help yourself bring more harmony and balance to your life. You'll be able to focus on the resolution and cut through the case to find the answers you need..
When you practice using our techniques of Mental and Physical Self Awareness along with Counseling, you'll begin to elevate yourself to a higher level of Spiritual Awareness. Every human being is Spiritually connected to the whole universe from deep within themselves. Therefore, our outer experiences shape what we know and think, but it is our inner perspective and our feelings that determine how we act or react. We've all heard the saying, "Actions speak louder then words." It is true that people come to know who we are more by how we act than by what we say. It is our control and mastery of our inner selves that makes us better equipped to deal with situations and take care of our Physical and Mental Components.
Life Coaching & Consulting with an Expert Can Help Get You On Track.
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FACT #3: Manoj Has An Entire 7 Secrets Masterclass that You Can Use To GET STARTED.
We can teach you how to reach deep inside yourself and Awaken Your Inner Reality. When you learn to intimately communicate with your inner self, you will begin to rise to another level of consciousness where you will discover the basic roots of your personal power. 

From here we will teach you how to HEAL your Reality. You will gain the ability to function in the Physical world with maximum health through the knowledge of Wellness (the science of preventing illness in your body). We will work with you individually to help overcome your specific health concerns. What we cannot overcome (you may already be ill) we will help you to sustain a brighter more positive outlook to cope with your situation.  Calming your mind and body is like a miracle drug which helps in relieving your stress and anxiety to you go through difficult times in peace.

Next we will teach you how to Empower your Reality. This training and coaching will lead you to develop the Personal Power hidden within you so that you can understand how to pursue your Personal Destiny. Whether on the job, in your household and with your friends or peers.

Finally, we teach you how to Master your Inner Reality.  As you rise to this level of consciousness you will be able to completely transcend this "Physical Reality" and discover your full extent of your own "Inner Reality". At this level you can manifest your Inner Reality into the Physical World to create anything you desire.
Hear What Others Have To Say...
This Membership Features An Interactive Platform
That Will Change How You Live Your Life and Build Relationships:
Free Programs - all available with your Free Subscription:
Free 30-Minute Wellness Consultation, 
Call for an appointment
The Seven Secrets To Personal Excellence... Explained (Video)
The Friday Forums - 7:30pm to 10pm: Special Guest Speakers on Health, Wellness, Motivation and Contemporary Lifestyles. (dates always announced)
Meditation Under the Full Moon - a Special Meditation Session Held Once a Month
Weekly Program Schedule:
Yoga Classes
Monday & Wednesday: Yoga Classes: Morning: 5:30am to 7:00am and  Evening: 6:45pm to 8:00pm
Thursday: Life Coaching & Meditation Workshops 4:00pm to 7:00pm by Appointment
Friday: Yoga Classes: Morning: 5:30am to 7:00am
Saturday: Early Bird Yoga Class followed by Breathing & Yoga Workshop by Appointment
Sunday: Meditation & Healing Workshop By Appointment
Our Monthly Wellness Membership (includes all of the above)
Our 14 Featured YogaNidra Meditation Programs:
YogaNidra Meditations (online only)
Our Featured Guided Meditation Programs:
The Global Meditation Marathon  (online only)
The Global Marathon takes you through Thirty 15-minute 
Guided Meditation Videos... One-A-Day for 30 Days.
Our Exclusive Coaching Sessions are Included with our Premier Courses:
Program #1: AWAKEN... Your Wellness-BAM! Pac
Learn How to AWAKEN Your Inner Reality and Manifest Anything You Desire... Almost like Magic! 
AWAKEN Is The First Of Our
4-Part Inner Reality Courses
Program #2: How to HEAL Your Reality
  •  2 months of Coaching 
  • 2 months of Yoga Classes
  • Five 1-on-1 Consultations
Program #3: How to Empower Your Reality
  •  3 months of Coaching 
  • 3 months of Yoga Classes
  •  Eleven 1-on-1 Consultations
Program #4: How to Master Your Reality
  •  6 months of Coaching 
  • 6 months of Yoga Classes
  • Twenty-one 1-on-1 Consultations
REALITY FEST: A Wellness Festival to Celebrate Your Success
Inside You'll Also Find: 
1-on-1 Consultation Scheduling
Meditation Class Scheduling
Yoga Class Scheduling
Training Workbooks
Quotes and PDF's of Eastern Masters
Quotes and PDF's of Western Philosophers
Indian Traditional Odissi Dance Training Programs (ages 7 and up)
with more being added
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Registration admits you to the Introductory Level which is 100% Secured and 100% Free.
Disclaimer: Only the Seven Secrets Explained Video and the Introductory Section is free. This Membership has upper levels which you may join at any time for the appropriate fee. There is NO OBLIGATION to upgrade; however, every program you enter raises you to New Heights in Health Awareness, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness and an increasing sense of Self-Awareness; plus, we include Wellness for Teens and Collage Prep.
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